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Grotta Giusti is one of the most traditional resort in the field of international spas, and thanks to the discovery of the Grotta in 1849, it is considered to be a place of wellbeing. The thermal waters at Grotta Giusti belong to the bicarbonate sulphate-chloride-calcium-magnesium class and rise to the surface at the temperature of 34°.
The Grotta is one of the most important natural wonders in the world, about 8 km away.

Special treatments for guests of Poggio dé Papi.
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Grotta Giusti SpA

Museo di Leonardo da Vinci 


- with more then 60 models of machines and mechanical tools ....

- The house in Anchiano where he was born in 1452

   (3km from the town of Vinci)

The area of Montalbano extends over the region between the provinces of Florence, Pistoia and Prato. In this essentially hilly countryside, woodlands with chestnuts alternate with wineyards on great terraces and olive groves that cover the highest slopes.

You can go for walks and trips on these gren hills thanks to an extensive network of pedestrian routes and cycle paths that reach small villages rich in history, archeological sites and ancient forests.

Discovering Montalbano

Palio di Pistoia                      The Joust of  the Bear

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A trip into the labyrinth of history

Aperto tutti i giorni / Open every day

P.zza Giovanni XXIII, 15 Pistoia 

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- Parco di Pinocchio - Pinocchio Park

- Collodi castello e la villa Garzoni - Old borough "Collodi Castello"     and the Garzoni mansion and garden

- Collodi Butterfly House

* www.pinocchio.it

Poggio de Papi


Agriturismo - The Tuscan Touch

Benvenuti.. Welcome to Poggio de' Papi, The Tuscan Touch .. Willkommen in der Toskana .Добро пожаловать в Поджо де Папи